The Swordfish Race

In Chumash Indian mythology, Coyote defeats the Swordfish which are the rulers of the ocean. Through deception using his magic flute and in a race against the Swordfish, Coyote rescues Hawk from drowning.

The Fox Jumps

This study of the identity of the Jumping Fox, in the astronomical lore of the Chumash Indians of California, leads the reader to a discussion of the Morning Star as a psychopomp of the soul seeking reincarnation.

When Frog Stole the Waters

The Frog played an important role in the mythology of numerous West Coast native societies including the Chumash, Pomo, Kootenai and Yakima. Drought is featured in these stories which celebrate the cornucopia of life and the dramatic release of Frog’s waters.

Enememe’s Friends

A classic Chumash Indian folk tale by Tata Xuse, featuring the adventures of Coyote and the flute playing creator deity named Enememe. Features a ball kicking race and reincarnation.