The Swordfish Race

In Chumash Indian mythology, Coyote defeats the Swordfish which are the rulers of the ocean. Through deception using his magic flute and in a race against the Swordfish, Coyote rescues Hawk from drowning.

Chumash Demonology

Chumash theologians comment on the Rigors of the World and the demons which plague mankind. Greed is a fundamental flaw in human nature which creates an opening for demons to enter.

The Fox Jumps

This study of the identity of the Jumping Fox, in the astronomical lore of the Chumash Indians of California, leads the reader to a discussion of the Morning Star as a psychopomp of the soul seeking reincarnation.

A Circle Within the Abyss

This study explores Kitsepawit’s poetic aphorism that all life on this earth is a circle, an eddy within the Abyss. The encircled circle and encircled cross are featured in this commentary on Chumash cosmology.

When Frog Stole the Waters

The Frog played an important role in the mythology of numerous West Coast native societies including the Chumash, Pomo, Kootenai and Yakima. Drought is featured in these stories which celebrate the cornucopia of life and the dramatic release of Frog’s waters.

The Chumash House of Fate

In the theology of the Chumash Indians, Coyote and Morning Star compete with Eagle and the Sun to determine the fate of life on the surface of the earth.


A report submitted to Caltrans on the Chumash Indian archaeological site called Jonjonata. Features the history of Jonjonata and proposes changes in Caltran’s policies for developing ethno-histories of native sites.

The Chumash Nation

A study of the factors uniting the Chumash people in their struggles to preserve their culture.

Marginalizing the Chumash Indians

A collection of essays on the systemic neglect of government and mass media to empower public awareness of Chumash history and culture.

Academic Nihilism And the Chumash Indians

A collection of essays on the hubris of government, mass media, and academics towards the Chumash people. Denial of the claims of anthropologists to be proper gatekeepers of Chumash culture.

No Brave Champion

Racism, and the historic failures of the University of California to champion Chumash cultural preservation.

Enememe’s Friends

A classic Chumash Indian folk tale by Tata Xuse, featuring the adventures of Coyote and the flute playing creator deity named Enememe. Features a ball kicking race and reincarnation.