National Marine Sanctuary: California

In January 2022, I wrote to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in support of the proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. The Northern Chumash Council contacted me, inquiring about my ethno-historical research on the western Chumash whose coastline would be included in the proposed sanctuary.

One of the objectives of the proposed sanctuary project is to include the Chumash in the planning and management of this sanctuary. The potential cultural impacts of designation are a priority of the proposal, as is indigenous history.

I informed NOAA that my manuscripts on the Kahismuwas, Stishni , and island Chumash could be made available and serve as a foundation for future research and public signage. My Kahismuwas histories called Sacupi Exodus and The Amuwu Debacle, for example, are in draft form but could be completed and made available to participating Chumash if the marine sanctuary was approved.

Kuta Teachings covers the religious significance of the Point Conception coast and is already available online. Dissemination of these materials and writings of other historians would enhance the Native Historical Preservation Act (Section 106).