2024 is the Upcoming Commemoration of the Chumash War of Liberation: 200 Years

2/4/23 In 1824, three of the Chumash ‘missions’ on coastal California rose up in a war of liberation from the brutal colonialism of Spain and Mexico. In less than a year, southern California governments will be challenged by many Chumash to revise city and county public history programs to acknowledge the bravery of the Chumash… Continue reading 2024 is the Upcoming Commemoration of the Chumash War of Liberation: 200 Years

Local Newspapers

For decades, I found myself being disappointed in the Los Angeles Times coverage of Chumash Indian issues. Reporters too often slanted their coverage to dismiss the issues of the non-federally recognized Chumash. Typically, these reporters failed to mention that the Santa Barbara and Tejon Chumash were once federally recognized and deserved to have their issues… Continue reading Local Newspapers

Buffalo Trail

After Francis Callougah came from the Kalispel reservation in Washington State to speak in Sandpoint in 1990, the Kalispel returned to North Idaho to continue a public dialogue with the residents of Bonner County. I remember in fondness the gatherings they held at the Drift year near Clark Fork to renew and celebrate their historical… Continue reading Buffalo Trail

Francis Callougah: Kalispel

Teachers in Bonner County, Idaho have asked for information about contemporary Kalispel who have visited our county and made significant contributions to our civic life. One such individual is Francis Callougah from the Kalispel reservation near Usk, Washington. He brought his family to the Sandpoint Community hall in 1990. Our research in the historical society… Continue reading Francis Callougah: Kalispel

National Marine Sanctuary: California

In January 2022, I wrote to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in support of the proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. The Northern Chumash Council contacted me, inquiring about my ethno-historical research on the western Chumash whose coastline would be included in the proposed sanctuary. One of the objectives of the proposed sanctuary project… Continue reading National Marine Sanctuary: California

Taiwan Native History

I wrote a review for Faisu Mukunana’s book My Dear Ak’i, Please Don’t be Upset . It was published in 2012 through support from the National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan. I wrote: “As a scholar familiar with California (USA) native American traditions, I am struck by the similarities of Tsou spiritual beliefs and… Continue reading Taiwan Native History

Marginalizing the Kalispel

When the Black Lives Matter movement first spread to my hometown in North Idaho, I was sympathetic with the young protesters when they found themselves intimidated by local gun-carrying men. These locals came to their rally to protect them, the gunmen explained to the press, against dangerous outsiders. The rally went off without violence, and… Continue reading Marginalizing the Kalispel

Building the Library

The library is now online and free to all users. Single printings of books and articles is permissible for personal use. New articles and books will be added in all categories. At this time, the Chumash materials are a priority. A number of Chumash have been in regular contact concerning the development of this collection,… Continue reading Building the Library

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