Buffalo Trail

After Francis Callougah came from the Kalispel reservation in Washington State to speak in Sandpoint in 1990, the Kalispel returned to North Idaho to continue a public dialogue with the residents of Bonner County. I remember in fondness the gatherings they held at the Drift year near Clark Fork to renew and celebrate their historical… Continue reading Buffalo Trail

Francis Callougah: Kalispel

Teachers in Bonner County, Idaho have asked for information about contemporary Kalispel who have visited our county and made significant contributions to our civic life. One such individual is Francis Callougah from the Kalispel reservation near Usk, Washington. He brought his family to the Sandpoint Community hall in 1990. Our research in the historical society… Continue reading Francis Callougah: Kalispel

Marginalizing the Kalispel

When the Black Lives Matter movement first spread to my hometown in North Idaho, I was sympathetic with the young protesters when they found themselves intimidated by local gun-carrying men. These locals came to their rally to protect them, the gunmen explained to the press, against dangerous outsiders. The rally went off without violence, and… Continue reading Marginalizing the Kalispel